2020 Season

Larvicide (abatement to control mosquito larva) is done in areas where mosquito larva are found: standing water in fields or ditches, ruts, etc. Please check around your home and dump out water that has pooled in old tires, pails or lids, and other items.

Abatement Activities

Workers check for mosquito larva in standing water and treat when needed to kill the larva or prevent them from maturing to adults. Traps for adult mosquito surveillance are set up throughout the District and are checked weekly. The trapped mosquitoes are counted, separated into species, and Culex mosquitoes are sent to the lab for WNV testing.

Fogging to control adult mosquitoes is done in the evenings, Monday through Thursday; see the schedule below.

  • MONDAY: Petersboro, SW Smithfield, Benson, Amalga barrens, Nibley, Millville
  • TUESDAY: Wellsville/Mt. Sterling, Trenton, Cornish, Smithfield, Providence, Hyde Park, North Logan
  • WEDNESDAY: Wellsville sewer ponds/Heritage Center/gun range, Benson, Clarkston, Richmond, Cove, NW Smithfield
  • THURSDAY:Mendon, Lewiston, Newton, Cache Junction, Hyrum, Avon

Courtesy No-Spray Requests

When possible, the District will try to honor courtesy no-spray requests. Please submit a request in writing in order for us to plan routes and accommodate no spray requests. Click here to read this policy. Click here to obtain the fillable form to complete and submit to CMAD. The request must be submitted EACH year.

If you live in Logan or College-Young Ward, please contact your local abatement personnel, NOT Cache Mosquito Abatement District, for fogging schedules, no spray requests, etc. For Logan, contact Rex Davis at (435) 716-9749. For College-Young Ward, contact Brad Tolman at (435) 755-5733.

The District is divided into areas generally identified by the community each is around; these names are what appear in the fogging schedule.

map of fogging areas in the district